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Transforming Education with LEDMAN’s Classroom Display Boards

In the era of smart technology, classroom display boards are more than just a blackboard traditional classrooms are evolving to embrace innovative teaching methods. LEDMAN, a leading provider of LED display solutions, offers an advanced smart education display system solution that is revolutionizing the way knowledge is imparted in classrooms. Their interactive panel for classrooms combines cutting-edge technology with intelligent features to create an immersive and dynamic learning environment.

Cater to Various Scenarios

LEDMAN’s smart education display system solution is based on a COB panel, which serves as a smart all-in-one machine. This solution addresses the challenges faced in traditional education processes and paves the way for smart education. It is designed to cater to various scenarios, including higher education classrooms and enterprise high-end training centres, among others.

Intelligent Interactive Teaching Functions

One of the key features of LEDMAN’s classroom display boards is the intelligent interactive teaching functions. The full-touch UHD COB technology display provides a larger display space for teachers, allowing them to present their courseware effectively. Real-time annotation and highlighting of course materials enable teachers to emphasize important points and generate notes with a single click.  Additionally, the convenient scan code feature allows students to easily capture and take away the notes. The screen split function supports multiple people to write simultaneously, fostering collaborative learning and interactive discussions.   

Intelligent Camera Tracking System

Another notable component of LEDMAN’s classroom display boards is the intelligent camera tracking system. Equipped with a high-definition camera, this system intelligently tracks the teacher’s movements in real-time, capturing every detail of the teaching process. This feature enhances teaching efficiency by recording the session for future reference, allowing educators to review their performance and make improvements as needed.


In conclusion, LEDMAN’s smart education display system solution is improving the education landscape by providing interactive and intelligent tools for classrooms. With features, LEDMAN’s classroom display boards empower educators to create a stimulating and effective learning environment.     

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