Tips for Playing Sic Bo: Secret Tricks From the House  Okvip

Tai Xiu is a very popular game in online casinos today. With simple tips for playing Tai Xiu and high chances of winning, Tai Xiu has attracted many players. However, winning this game is not easy. Therefore, to help you have more effective experience playing Tai Xiu, in this article, we will share with you esoteric tips for playing Tai Xiu from the house’s top players OKVIP.

Tips for playing Sic Bo effectively from experts

Use probability calculations

While playing Tai Xiu, tips for playing Tai Xiu, calculating probability is an important factor to be able to make the right decisions. Experts always use probability formulas to find out the probability of winning or losing each turn and make decisions based on that.

The formula for calculating probability in Sic Bo is: P = (Number of 6s – Number of Overs) / (Total number of dice). For example, if you bet on Over and the total number of dice is 10, your probability of winning is 4/10 or 40%. Therefore, to increase your chances of winning, you should calculate the probability before making a betting decision.

Adjust bet level

One of the tips for playing Sic Bo introduced by experts is to adjust the bet level for each turn. Normally, players will start with a small bet and gradually increase it as they play. This helps them control the amount of money bet and optimize the results in case of winning.

In addition, when the bet amount exceeds the desired profit level, you should stop and move to another table or stop playing to avoid losing money.

Focus on how to win

While many Sic Bo players still focus on predicting the outcome of each turn, experts focus on how to win. They will choose options with fewer numbers, such as Even/Odd or Small/Large, because the likelihood of winning with these options is higher than with multiple options.

Therefore, if you want to win in Sic Bo, you should focus on how to win instead of predicting the specific results of each turn.

Be patient and control your emotions

One of the most important Sic Bo tips for success in any game is to be patient. Especially in Sic Bo, because the chances of winning or losing are quite balanced, you need to be patient and not discouraged when you encounter failed plays.

In addition, controlling emotions is also very important while playing Sic Bo. If you let emotions influence your decisions, the possibility of loss will be higher. Always stay calm and control your emotions to be able to play Sic Bo effectively.

Tips for playing Sic Bo that are easy to win for newbies

Use reputable sources of information

To be able to play Tai Xiu effectively, you need to know information related to this game. To do this, you can rely on reputable sources of information such as bookmaker review websites or forums that share experiences in playing Tai Xiu. Thanks to that, you will have more knowledge and can make the right decisions during the game.

Try it out before placing real bets

Before starting to bet for real, you should try the Sic Bo game to get familiar with the gameplay and rules. This will help you understand the game better and be able to make better choices when you start placing real bets.

In addition, if you are not confident with your skills, you can play at a lower bet table or bet less money to avoid the risk of losing a lot.

Always preserve capital

One of the most important tips when playing Tai Xiu is to preserve your capital. Never bet more than you can afford to lose, because if you lose, you will have difficulty continuing to play. Divide capital into small amounts and only bet a small portion of capital in each round to minimize risk.

In addition, if you have reached your desired profit level, you should also stop to avoid losing money later.


Playing Sic Bo is a game that requires calculation and patience. With esoteric tips for playing Sic Bo from top players of dealer  Okvip, hope you will have more experience and win more in this game. Focus on how to win instead of predicting the outcome and always control your emotions to become a Sic Bo master. Wishing you fun and successful gaming!

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