The Ultimate Guide To HiPP vs. Holle Formula

We have thousands of satisfied customers who rely on us to provide HiPP Formula and Holle European infant formulae. It might be challenging to find the best organic HiPP formula or Holle formula due to the variety of products on the market.

Each HiPP and Holle formula is unique, but each one has its own personality. This comprehensive information will help you make an informed decision about which HiPP or Holle formulas to choose for your child.

Both the HiPP in Germany and Holle in Switzerland were established in 1930. In the past several decades, both businesses have perfected their craft to provide safe, simple, and healthy formulations.

Each HiPP and Holle recipe is unique, despite these high standards. Although it may be difficult to understand the various components of infant formulae, this step is crucial in choosing the right formula for your baby.

Let’s take a look at the macronutrients and micronutrients in Holle and HiPP formulas to see if any similarities or differences. To show you how these nutrients compare to those in breast milk, we have created a comparison guide.

It’s HiPP vs. Holle in the battle for the macronutrients


The supply of carbohydrates in baby formula is one of its most important factors. Since breast milk is the main source of lactose, it’s the best choice for infant formula ingredients.

Lactose, a great energy source, is a good choice to help babies grow and develop. Babies born with the enzyme lactase are able to easily digest lactase.

The European Commission requires that 30% of European Baby Formula’s carbohydrates be made up of lactose. However, there is no lactose standard for the United States. European formulas prohibit sucrose (table sugar), but many US formulae use sucrose or cheaper, processed carbohydrates.

Organic maltodextrin is a complex carbohydrate that is derived from starch and used in certain formulations to counteract the sweetness of goat’s or cow’s milk. It helps to thicken formulae and slow down the release of energy from simple carbohydrates, making babies feel fuller for longer.


Holle Bio Stage PRE does not contain lactose


Except for the maltodextrin-containing HiPP Anti-Reflux formula, all HiPP infant formulae are lactose-based. Because maltodextrin sits higher in the stomach than normal, it can reduce reflux. This may help people with sensitive stomachs to digest better.


It is important that your child gets enough protein. Breast milk contains 40% casein and 60% of the whey proteins, compared to cow’s milk which has 80% casein. Whey is better than formulas with casein proteins, as the latter can be more difficult for infants to digest. This formula has been altered to reflect breast milk’s protein ratio.

Some formulas contain only whey protein isolate for babies with sensitive stomachs. Others include protein hydrolysates which are used to break down proteins in order to help those who can’t.


To maintain a healthy infant ratio of protein to fat, all Holle baby formula has been enriched with whey protein. Holle formulas made from goat’s milk might be a better option for babies sensitive to cow’s milk proteins. Goat milk is more easily digestible than cow’s milk in terms of protein.


HiPP formulas can have a protein ratio that is very similar to breast milk. These hypoallergenic formulas cannot be 100% organic because hydrolyzed milk protein can’t be found in organic form. It may be the right thing for babies with sensitive or allergic digestive system, even though all ingredients are organic.

Other Than HiPP vs. Holle

Grass-Fed and Organically Grown

In Europe, the definition of organic is much more broadened and precise than in the United States. HiPP and Holle, except for certain HiPP formulas, are EU-certified organic producers.


All Holle formulae have been certified Demeter biodynamically by Demeter, which is the highest accreditation available for biodynamic farms and the EU. Demeter’s duties include annual renewal, biodiversity promotion and environment preservation, as well as animal welfare assurances. Holle’s farming practices are free from GMOs and chemicals, while still meeting the strictest requirements of sustainable, ecologically-friendly, and animal welfare-friendly farming (such pesticides).


Most HiPP recipes have been certified organic by EU. Certain formulations require protein hydrolysates which are not available in organic forms such as HiPP AR, Comfort, or HiPP HA. All other components of the mixture contain organic components.

Optional Extras: Reflux, Colic Sensitivities and Allergies )

While many babies can tolerate regular formula, some infants struggle to digest it. These infants’ parents may struggle to find a formula that is right for them. They may need to try several different types before finding one that works. Little Bundle knows how hard it can be to navigate this path. We offer a Baby Satisfaction Guarantee that will explain all your options.


Holle offers goat milk alternatives if your baby is having trouble digesting cow’s milk proteins. Goat milk is a great choice for sensitive babies because it contains smaller and less allergenic proteins.


HiPP offers Comfort, Anti-Reflux and Hypoallergenic (HA), options to help babies digest proteins that might otherwise be difficult. HiPP offers a hypoallergenic option, HiPP HA Pre, which is the closest to the elemental formulas in the United States for newborns suffering from cow’s milk protein allergy.

Wrapping up

You’re now able to make informed decisions for your family, knowing all about the services and products offered by these companies. Before you decide on a formula, consider all options and your child’s nutritional needs. So that you can rest easy, the Little Bundle product you choose will be a great choice.

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