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The Evolution of Access Sheaths: How Wellead Medical is Revolutionizing Minimally Invasive Procedures

In an era where technology is constantly advancing, it’s no surprise that even the smallest tools are undergoing a remarkable evolution. Look no further than Wellead Medical access sheath! Today, we dive into the world of access sheath and how Wellead Medical is leading the charge in revolutionizing these tiny yet crucial instruments.

The Evolution of Access Sheaths

Introduction to Wellead Medical’s Access Sheaths

Wellead Medical is a leading manufacturer of access sheaths and other minimally invasive medical devices. An access sheath from Wellead Medical is a thin, tube-like medical device that is inserted into the body to provide a pathway for other instruments during minimally invasive procedures. Their access sheaths are used in a variety of interventional procedures, including endourology, cardiology, and electrophysiology.

Different Types of Access Sheath Provided by Wellead Medical

Wellead Medical’s access sheaths are made from a special material that is both flexible and durable. This allows the sheaths to be inserted into the body with minimal trauma and provides a high level of protection for the surrounding tissue. Here are different types of access sheath supplied by Wellead Medical:

The ClearPetra┬« Family: Wellead Medical’s ClearPetra continuous flow lithotripsy system has a high stone clearance rate, reduces the pressure in the urethra, prevents the stone from pushing back, improves the visual field, eliminates the need for a stone basket, tweezers or any anti-pushing device, and saves the operation time.

Ureteral Access Sheath: Wellead Medical’s ureteral access sheath is used for establishment of conduit during endoscopic urological procedures. It has a Hydrophilic coated shaft for ease advancement and a tapered tip facilitating ease introduction.


Wellead Medical has revolutionized the way minimally invasive procedures are performed with their innovative access sheaths. Their philosophy of combining advanced technology with superior safety and convenience features makes them a frontrunner in the medical device industry.

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