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Ceramic Brackets from NIC Dental: A Combination of Sturdiness and Style

Ceramic brackets have gained popularity in orthodontic treatments due to their blend of strength and aesthetic appeal. NIC Dental offers high-quality Ceramic Brackets that are made of aluminum oxide polycrystalline, ensuring durability and a pleasing appearance. This article explores the key features of NIC Dental’s Ceramic Brackets, highlighting their CIM technology for a smooth surface and excellent strength, unique base design for stable bonding, and availability in various slot options. Discover how these brackets enhance orthodontic treatments and provide a seamless experience for patients.

CIM Technology for Strength and Smoothness

NIC Dental’s Ceramic Brackets are manufactured using CIM (Ceramic Injection Molding) technology, which ensures excellent strength and a smooth surface. The aluminum oxide polycrystalline material, combined with CIM technology, results in brackets that can withstand the forces of orthodontic treatment while maintaining a pleasing aesthetic appearance. The smooth surface reduces friction with brackets and wires, contributing to improved patient comfort during treatment.

Unique Base Design for Stable Bonding

NIC Dental’s Ceramic Brackets feature a unique base design that provides stable mechanical bonding strength and facilitates quick bonding. The secure bonding ensures that the brackets stay in place throughout the treatment process, allowing for effective force application. The stability of the bonding contributes to efficient tooth movement and optimal treatment outcomes.

Versatile Slot Options for Compatibility

NIC Dental’s Ceramic Brackets are available in various slot options, including Roth, MBT, Edge Weise, and 0.018/0.022″ slots. This versatility allows dental professionals to choose the bracket that best suits their treatment approach and preferences. The compatibility with different brackets and wires ensures seamless integration and effective treatment planning.


NIC Dental’s Ceramic Brackets offer a perfect blend of strength, aesthetics, and versatility for orthodontic treatments. With their aluminum oxide polycrystalline construction, CIM technology for strength and smoothness, unique base design for stable bonding, and compatibility with different slots, these brackets enhance the orthodontic experience for both dental professionals and patients. Invest in NIC Dental’s Ceramic Brackets and experience the convenience, durability, and aesthetic appeal they bring to your practice. Trust in NIC Dental’s commitment to providing high-quality dental instruments, including brackets and wires, for optimal patient care and successful orthodontic treatments.

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